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*Deac notices that Rwos' face is set, not responding to him. Then he notices that the rest of the people in Cantina do not notice Rwos either. Then Rwos looks directly at him....and shakes his head. He moves his lips, but Deac can't hear the words; Now I'm hallucinating.

Rwos turns and walks directly through several of the other bar's patrons to a corner of the cantina. He raises his hand and telekinetically picks up a device he had attached to the wall of the Cantina long ago. With a wave, he moves the device towards himself. It flashes blue and becomes intangible as it approaches Rwos' body, as if passing through a field. Rwos catches the device and attaches it to his belt, next to his teleporter. He mouths more words. That's the last of the markers...and the last time I visit this place for all time. Now I have only one thing left to do before I leave this dimension...vengeance.

Rwos walks out of the Cantina, still oblivious to Deac's voice. He passes through several more oblivious people on his way out. He does not look back.

Someone else grabs Deac's arm.*

Deac Starkiller! I've been waiting for you! Wait...are you Deac Starkiller?

*Rwos is now long gone*

((OOS: I want Rwos to go after Cracken for the time being...and my new character, Starr Hailfire, needs your help, Deac and other Cantina-ers! Don't worry, all shall come together in the end

EDIT: You can see Rwos because you're a cyborg I presume. He's phased out with his teleporter like in the ending of the Cantina 4

Re-Edit: Can I invite some people from other forums to join the Cantina? I think it might make things more interesting.


The rules are:

You pick a character, state your name, race, occupation, and what you are carrying. (Up to 10 items) Old players don't need to post character data (unless asked for, I guess?). Remember to state who you're replying to. Try to keep in character.
No killing other players in just one post. If you have a dispute with a player here, take it somewhere else!

Note: These are the original Cantina rules, modified due to thread evolution.

/end OOS))

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