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(A snippet of conversation raises it's volume level loud enough to be heard by the patrons sitting at the table. Two old drunks are sitting around talking about someone new...)

Drunk 1: So, who's the new guy? He looks like hot stuff. But who knows with kids these ::hiccup:: days? At least his ship is nice.

Drunk 2: Yeppers. I hear his name is somethin' like Watani... no, Lakadi... no... uh... umm...

#1: Oh wait! (He has to pause, as he rebalances himself on the bar stool) I've heard of this kid. His name is Chass, he said, misprounouncing the first syllable of his last name to sound like "Chase" instead of the correct "Case." Katani Chass.

#2: No. That can't be it. (Sits at the bar puzzling to himself over what the name of this enigmatic person could be, oblivious that the correct one had already been given.)

#1: (Now standing, walking over to Chass. As he does, he starts talking to the rest of the customers at the bar, telling the story he'd heard about this youngster.) Katani Chass comes from Kuat. But, dissatisfied with the life of men on Kuat, he left. Since then he's been on the run from Kuati officials for the alleged robbery of over 90 million credits in hard currency and jewels from a distinguished Kuati family. Obviously this must be why he wears such an obvious disguise! (With this he reaches Chass and pulls off the wig of long blonde hair Katani wears, revealing the short cropped black that is natural to the young man.) Now, said the drunk, rumor has it that this man is very dangerous. He has hopped from system to system, looking for a way to exact venegance on the Kuati nobles and everyone in the galaxy who has ever told bad jokes. Unfortunately for Katani, he doesn't have the power of the Force to guide him, or any fancy muscles or anything else, although rumor has it he'll give you hell in a starfighter. All he carries is the body armor he wears and a rather unique weapon: the CoRonal Electroincendiary Device, or CRED for short. Perhaps you'd care to give us a demonstration of this great weapon Mr. Chass?

Katani: Sure. (With that he reaches under his coat, pulling out a weapon of similar shape and size to that of a blaster rifle, though far more concealable. He quickly snaps gun up to aim at the ceiling, then slowly lowers it to point straight at the drunk's chest. The drunk must have been more drunk than Katani thought, he never even moved. Slowly, almost melodramatically, he pulls the trigger. When it reaches the firing point, flash emits from the muzzle, and the drunk is thrown back about ten feet into a table. What is more shocking though, is the transformation that the drunk undergoes as he flies that short distance. In the half second it took him to get from one point to another, all of his skin melted, all small pieces of flesh (eyes, nose, fingers, ears) burned to a crisp and his internal organs exploded, leaving blood to pour from his bodily orifices, which quickly turned to a red steam upon leaving the body. All in all, a rather grisly death.) So, Katani continues, like the man said, I'm looking for revenge. And the only person I can think of who can take on the Kuati nobles, outside of Darth Vader, and I'm pretty sure he's already dead, is Deac Starkiller...

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