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((OOS: This is sort of a prologue…what happened between the two Cantina threads))

Cracken's brutal and lightning offense took the Republic off guard. Within days, Mon Calamari was taken. Swiftly afterwards, Nal Hutta and Kessel were struck while the New Republic's fleet was still mobilizing. Now, just as the fleet is finally ready to take on Cracken, he has boldy appeared right in their presence and brought the entire force of the newfound Imperial might down on unsuspecting Corellia. That planet has fallen as well, the Republic's fleet is barely ready, …and the Empire is back under a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Termand Rwos, believing Deac Starkiller to be dead, killed by his own friends thanks to the Sith Lord Cracken, has bitterly done nothing but watch as the New Republic falls. He has collected all things he has left in this dimension as a way of severing his ties. As his last action before leaving forever, he wants only one thing; to kill Grand Admiral Cracken.

While all this has been going on, Deac Starkiller has been being reconstructed into a cyborg on Tatooine. Even as these events are taking place, Corellia has just fallen.


*Rwos enters hyperspace outside Tatooine. Destination: Corellia.*

Time to pay, Cracken.

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