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*In a breifing room aboard the Titan, which was now stiull in orbit over Corellia, Cracken's Admiral Tojo was briefing him on the current military action and successes.*
Tojo: Most of the old sectors have been re-established, with the refugee Imperial Govoners back into power. The Moff system is re-established as well, as old Imperial Alliances are coming back into our fold, with our recent sucess.

Cracken: and the Outer Rim?

Tojo: just a few outlier star systems are still not under Imperial control...*Tojo dimmed the lights, and a map of teh galaxy appeared* Sernpidal, Almania, Endor, and Helska are still under Republic flags, however, battle groups are en route to restore the Empire there. Inner Rim, Bilbringi has sworn alligence to our side. they have started producing fighters, as well as our Star Destroyer Class warships. My lord, the Empire is fully entrenched in the Galaxy. The Repub...

Cracken: what word from Kuat?

Tojo: they... um.. haven't responded, my lord.

Cracken: then that is our destination. Make ready your fleet, Admiral.

Tojo: yes, my lord.
*Tojo walks out to make preparations. Cracken stayed inside the briefing room, stareing at the galactic map. His fathers Holocron said that any action taken against the Republic would result in Kuat's uptmost support in the cause. Troubling. but no longer a problem. Kuat would join his cause. Or be eliminated.*

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