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*Starr waves his unfolded missile launcher threateningly at the stunned noghri on his way out, then turns his attention back to Deac*

So you are the great Deac Starkiller! I bet you see things like this every day, don't you? I know you can help me now...and I certainly need help. You know the guy leading the Imperials right now? His name is Cracken, and he's a Sith lord...the Sith lord who brutally murdered my family... *Starr pauses with emotion* My parents had the gifts of the Jedi...the same gifts I inherited. They tried to stop Cracken, when I was just a baby. They fought, and Cracken won... When I grew up, I came back to my homeworld, to find my parents...still unburied...and holos left showing their deaths...*Starr appears to be fighting tears, then his expression turns to anger* I swore that I would destroy him. I learned as much as I could of the Jedi arts from my father's journal. I even built my own lightsaber. But I'm not powerful enough to confront Cracken. And lately, I've been getting visions of the Sith himself...taunting me...

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