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((OOS: No one seems to be posting anymore... Please confirm if everybody wants to stop this RPG so I can Conclude.))

Evil Cracken rises only to spot Zassek rushing towards him. Zassek gives a high Hurrican Kick but Cracken saw it coming and quickly parries and gives a powerful upercut right on Zassek's chin, dislocating it and almost ripping his head off. Zassek is thrown upwords by this hit but succeeds in flipping over and using his boosters he accelerates his downfall, armes extended and fists towards Evil Cracken. Cracken receives the blow on the thorax, this blow is so immense that he is temporarly unable to breath. Zassek takes advantage of Cracken's chocked status and gives a Dash Double Dread Kick followed by many critical point hits causing a very deadly ultra 65 hits combo that ends with a blowing upercut.
Evil Cracken can be seen propulsed and landing several meters away.

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