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((OOS: Some of you will have to repost, some of the posts were lost in the merge))

*Deac seems to be lost in thought. Starr pokes him*

Starr: Where is Termand Rwos at the moment? I was so hoping to see him again...


*Termand Rwos' fighter exited hyperspace in Kuat space, cloaking field activated, as the superweapon Crimson Star fired on the Last Chance. The blinding green beam of light annihilated the ship almost casually. Then the...moon's largest cannon rotated to bear on the colony moon behind the burning rubble of the Last Chance. Rwos' sensors registered a minitaure projectile loaded with only two grams of antimatter fired from the cannon and smash into the moon. The moon detonated in a blinding flash of light, and Rwos sensors showed the shockwave hit Kuat's surface. It actually forced the atmosphere out of the way in it's path, and screams erupted in Rwos' open comlink as the shockwave must have hit the ground. In horror, Rwos snapped his comlink off, even as the Crimson Star rotated it's cannon and snapped off a much smaller dose of antimatter at Kuat itself.*

Only enough to take out a few blocks...Sithspit. I don't believe it. The superweapon is real...and ultimate power is in the hands of a Dark Lord of the Sith. The same scum who killed Deac Starkiller...

*Rwos reactivated his fighter's drive system, and flew invisibly towards the flying moon overshadowing the Imperial fleet.*

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