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Rwos has left. He's going after Cracken, and we're going after them BOTH. We'll reach Corellia in a few hours. Get ready

*One of the party points to the Holoviewer. Cracken is making a speech (As in the above post). Deac moves to the comm sensor, and punches in a code*

Hahaha. I'm spiking you Cracken!

Cracken:...No non-human shall suffer...

(Deac's voice is suddenly broadcast)

It's like that already, Cracken. Your pointless propaganda won't repay the lives of the victims of your superweapon. In short,

Vote Cracken for Senless butchery, pain, suffering, and to satisfy his lust for power!

*Deac's face now appears, and the synthflesh comes back to reveal the circuitry*

You're responsible for this.

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