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The Kuati fleet emerged from hyperspace above a planet in the Unkown Regions. New Republic Surveys had given it only the designation NR-3100843, though to a more informal visitor, who knew what the proper entryways were, it would be known as Nhdaa'rr. Originally developed by the Chiss, but long forgotten, it had been utilized by Grand Admiral Thrawn as a secret research facility without any clearance level, because it quite simply didn't exist to anyone but him. Expounding upon the discoveries of the Scientist in the Maw installation, it had was an R&D outpost that was unkown even to the late Emporer. Thrawn hadn't used it during his return to civilized space though, because he hadn't wanted to reveal it's location, not to the New Republic, but to the more vicious alien species that lurked in areas yet undisclosed. Katani Chass, though, had friends in very high places. he'd stumbled onto this place simply out of coincidence, he was searching for a practical rendezvous point should a worst-case scenario, like the one that had just happened, occur. The inhabitants of Nhdaa'rr, though, were simply looking for news of the outside universe. They'd been unable to initiate contact with anyone for over 20 years, and they were beginning to get antsy. So, they made a deal. Chass would become the benificiary to all weapons designed within the outpost, and he would keep them updated and maintained through his connections in the Kuati government. From hence came the Last Chance. What Katani didn't know, however, is that the scientists still had one more ace up their respective sleeves or other appendage coverings. When he landed and told them the news of what had happened at Kuat, they said they needed a few more hours to discuss recent events before they made such a momentous decision. Katani had no idea about what they were talking, but he decided that now would be as good a time as ever to begin moving in the Kuati people. Nhdaa'rr would make a great home for the populace of Kuat. It had more than enough room, and the climate was almost paradisical.

When the scientists returned, they told Katani that they had come to a decision. They then asked him to follow them to a hangar Chass had always assumed to be empty. But the shielding on these hangars was second to none, so he could never be sure. The door opened slowly, in a melodramatic way that was straight out of the holovids, and there stood the most confusing thing Katani had ever seen.

It was roughly human form, though it's forty-meter height dispelled any notions of it being alive. Whenever the light caught a panel of it's armor, it threw rainbows about the room, causing every wall to be alive with color, giving the whole place a rather surrealistic feel, and offering an efective foil to the efficient machine of death that was this monstrosity. In one hand of the weapon was what looked to be the largest double-barreled rifle ever made, and to top it off, the head area was where the sensor clusters were kept. How quaint.

Katani: So, what does it do?

Scientist 1: I was hoping you'd ask. This project doesn't have a true name yet, though we were toying with Mirnacheem-hyeea, which, in some obscure alien dialect means Conqueror of Great Might or Conqueror without Equal. Basically, it's a human-cybernetic interface controlled machine of death. On it's shoulders there are a pair of turbolaser batteries, though I doubt you'll need them. On the back is a launch pack of several hundered baradium tipped missiles, enough to level several cities, but the true beauty of it is in the rifle. It's an electromagnetically powered railgun that fires projectiles which have a muzzle exit velocity speed of over 500 kilometers per second. It carries two types of ammo. One is a standard HE surface impact slug, effectively capable of taking down the fully-shielded bridge of a Star Destroyer in one shot. The other is slightly more powerful. It does not detonate upon impacting something, but usually continues another five-hundred kilometers or so, usually enough to penetrate that far into a planet's crust. Once there, it generates a nuclear-fission powered blast roughly equivalent to that of the reactor of the Second Death Star. Usually two of these is enough to destroy an entire planet, not that you'd ever do that, of course. The second barrel, while slightly less flashy, is no less efective. It fires a wide-beamed anti-circuitry pulse, which will render all electronics in a roughly two-kilometer line in front of you useless. Very handy if you don't want to kill anyone. The part I think you'll like the best though, is the armor. It is quite an improvement over the quantam armor that was on the Sun Crusher. I tell you now that you could take the wash of radiation from a star going supernova and not feel a thing. You should have no problems against this [/I] Crimson Star.[I] There is only one problem though. That is the cybernetic implant. If you intend to pilot this to go after that Cracken, which I'm sure you do, you'll have to undergo an extensive surgery, which we can do right here, and then the training regimen. You should be ready to fly this baby within a day or so.

Katani hated to wait that long, but he had no choice. So, just an hour later, he found himself preparing to go under the scalpel...

"Space is big... really big. I mean, you wouldn't believe how vastly, hugely, incomprehensibly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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