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((OOS: I hate to rain on your parade, superthrawn, but:
"nuclear-fission powered blast roughly equivalent to that of the reactor of the Second Death Star"

-The DSII's core was a hypermatter reactor. Not nuclear fission.

"The part I think you'll like the best though, is the armor. It is quite an improvement over the quantum armor that was on the Sun Crusher. I tell you now that you could take the wash of radiation from a star going supernova and not feel a thing. You should have no problems against this Crimson Star."
-A superlaser can cut through quantum armor. Antimatter is much more potent.

If you intend to godmode, this isn't the place...go to Omnipresent Chaos. Otherwise, stick to the SW universe for "superweaponry"... /end OOS))

*Starr is breathing hard and attempting to clam himself down after his outburst. Suddenly his eyes open wide and he stares straight ahead*

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