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The whole dimension revolving around Cracken's and his Eva's existance it began erasing it self, slowly ceasing to exist. Deac and Zassek were surrounded by this nothingness that spread quickly towards Cracken's corps. They were going to be submerged in the "nothing" and in a last and desperate attempt to escape it they began in releasing the most energy possible to try and create a barrier, or if lucky a Quantum Leap. They could only slow down the approaching doom as their force release fused and became more and more intense. The Force bcame so grand that a gate opened just in time, they had succeeded in Quantum Leaping.
Hours passed before Deac and Zassek regained consciouness, almost lifeless due to the energy release. Back in their dimension they realized something was wrong, nothing was like before, everything was so diifferent. It is at this point that Zassek realized that time was different in this dimension and in the 5th one and with the space distortions that Quatum leaps create they found themselves to be in their world's past. An unknow past, so far back during the Primitive Universe. They seemed to be the only intelligent species to exist. They had defeated Cracken but at what cost? and for what? Nothing had a meaning anymore and nothing was accomplised. Everthing that they believed in and fought for was saved but didn't exist anymore, there was no point. And knowing that a living being can die but it's Psionic Melding always lives on, did the evil Cracken really cease to exist?


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