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Legends of the Spam

Chapter Two: The Trickery

*sits quietly and listens to Rhett's story*

You bring back dark memories, Rhett... My old war buddy. Yes...dark memories indeed. Gather 'round, folks, and let me continue this dreaded legend of the spam...

The story I am going to tell does not date back many long years ago. In fact, many of you young lads might remember it. We, old folk of the land, are now calling it The Trickery. It all began three years after Viper's fall to the hands of his old acolytes, Rommel and Tie Guy. The Land of GeeBee Dotcom desperately needed a king, as the previous one died of a terrible, unknown disease.

Since the kingdom of GeeBee was a democracy, elections were held to choose the new king. Although Tie Guy and Rommel accumulated many votes for their previous heroic deeds, it was a newcomer, Delphi, who garnered the most attention. Claiming to be the reincarnation of the long lost ruler of the Kingdom of Westwood, he was able to win the elections by almost doubling the number of votes of the second most popular candidate.

Suspecting something, I began an investigation with my old friend Rhett to acertain the truth. My suspicions were proven to be true - Delphi was nothing more than a scammer, cheating in the voting ballots to win the crown. He turned out to be an evil minion of the Spammers, of which we had not heard a thing ever since Viper was struck down. Delphi was therefore banished from GeeBee and all seemed well... in appearance.

*grins mockily, seeing that he capted everyone's attention*

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