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Chapter Five: Unwanted Revelations

*gets up from his stool, walks over to Havoc and places his hand on his shoulder*

It has been a long time old friend.

*Turns his attention to everyone in the room*

He speaks the truth. But soon, I fear... the advice he has given you shall falter.

*Slowly takes a seat next to Havoc*

*A pained look spreads across his face, as if what he is about to say, must be said, for it may govern the fate of all*

For many long years, after The Flood... I wondered the distant mountains, traveled in lands never seen by any man, woman or child here. If you had asked me then why I chose to do this, I could not have given you an answer. I felt as though I was meant to be seeking something. Now, having transversed such great distances, and having found other civilizations. I know now why I was made to set out on such a journey.

*bows his head trying to push onward through the painful memories*

These people that I cam across, they were known as the jkiiites. When I came across their land, it looked as though the earth itself had decided to cleanse its surface. The grounds were scorched, hill upon hill of villages lay flat... and the sky was darkened.

Only after diligent searching in the nearby wood, did I find any remnant of what indeed had been a great civilization. Naturally, I asked them what had happened to these lands. They were at first reluctant to answer. As if any speak of it may have somehow willed the evil to return. Finally, after seeing that my intentions were not of evil, they told me their tale. A tale of much terror and sorrow....

One day, 'twas but months before I arrived, a dark vale came over their lands. They thought it first to be a storm-front ... but after several days, they knew it was not made by any natural forces but by a great evil... looming in the distance.

Shortly after this...

*pauses for a brief moment to regain his composure*

He came. The Dark Lord Viper, riding in the blackened skies upon a great beast of terror, followed by a vast army of what was once people. Ancestors long since past of the Jkiiites.. But they had been taken up by the dark arts. Twisted and mutilated. "Living" in a state of dream. There only goal was to do what their master, Viper wished of them.

The Jkiiites were a brave and proud people. They all rose in defense of their land. But the evil power was too great. Their lands were soon destroyed and the small remnant of them that remained to refuge in the woods.

*Cups his face in his hands and wipes away the tears*

Man, woman or child it did not matter to the Spam King. All who stood in his way fell.

The Dark Lord has risen. Only this time with an army of undead servants and vengeance in his heart. He no longer seeks the domination of these lands ... but only the destruction of all that is good. The doom of man. He will allow nothing to stop him.

He is coming.
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