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Legends of the Spam

Chapter 7: The Chosen

*all of a sudden, a white glow permeates around Eets and he begins to float out of his chair and into the air as several small children run to hide*

Mates! It is happening! I have been chosen!!!

*Sherack looks at his hand and notices that it starts to glow, right before the same thing happens to Rhett*

We have been chosen by the gods to become... Moderators!!!

*another voice speaks up from the bar*

"Oh please! You and your fancy powdered sugar and snappy rope-tricks... Pay no mind to their trickery, you're all just drunk! Those old fogies haven't been chosen by god, they're just normal people like you and I!"

Believe what you wish, Hannibalscipio, but this appointment must have been for a reas---

*he breaks off as a young boy runs into the tavern excitedly*

"Milords! Milords! There is a man in me father's home speaking evil things! I only heard his name before I narrowly escaped his spam-like influences! His name... was Sardauker"

*gasps fill the air*

"He must be working under the control of the Dark Lord Viper!" Says Rhett.

What shall we do, Rhett? Replies Eets.

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