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Chapter Eight: The Beckoning

*Rhett looks down at his newly restored form and those of his old friends and throws his now no longer needed eye-patch to the ground*

We have been given a second chance to defeat evil, my friends. A glimmer of hope has come back into the world. We must not waste this opportunity. Let us go now and face what will surely be our first of many encounters with Viper's minions.

*Rhett casts off his tattered cloak, revealing that even through these long years, and the withering of his frame, he had still always worn his shining silver armor and sword. The armor of a proud warrior*

*Rhetts then kneels down to the young child who had just ran in*

We will save your father but you must show us the way.

*with tears streaming down his cheeks, the boy clasped Rhett's hand and started dragging him out of the old tavern*

Follow us everyone! The days have dwindled down. We must now walk into shadow. It is time.

*As Rhett exits the room, the other restored men cast off their cloaks. Revealing that much like Rhett, they had all chosen to proudly wear their armor. They take off following Rhett out the door and are quickly joined by everyone in the tavern*

*after an hour of following the boy, the come to a house on the very outskirts of the land*

Is this were it happened, child? "Yes, sir", the young boy responded. I thought so. It has been years since I've smelled the stench of Spam but I will never forget the foul scent.

*Rhett turns to what now is almost the whole village congregated on a hill not far away viewing the happenings*

Even though this is but a servant of the Spam King. He is still a very potent enemy. We will need help. Who shall stand with us and face this enemy?

*One by one, men of all ages step forward, even Hannibalscipio, and they started to walk to where the group of battle hardened warriors are*

You shall all have great honor from this day forward. I guarantee it, said Sherack to the men.

Draw your swords, my friends.

*The sound of long since sheathed swords being drawn fills the air*

*Rhett walks up to the house, and bangs on the door* Come out, Sardauker, vile snake of Viper! The battle calls!
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