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The whole dimension revolving around Cracken's and his Eva's existance it began erasing it self, slowly ceasing to exist. Deac and Zassek were surrounded by this nothingness that spread quickly towards Cracken's corpse.
Suddenly a last great attempt at conquest, Crackens and Grendal's Combined Engery escapes from Cracken's Corpse right stright into Deac and Zassek! (cracken's energy into deac and Grendal into Zassek)
When this happened it made both not only emencely more powerful, but at the same time in a skitsophentic rage (good poor usage of english ) creating Entirely separate personailities in both beings, completey neutral.
At this, they turn to each other:

Transformed Cracken/Deac slightly dementedly: "Brother, we shall go?"
Thrasformed Grendal/Zassek: "Yes, i agree. WE shall leave this place before it all falls apart on itself..."

*Both leave the dimension, and re-entering the normal dimension, and into a surprise turn: both having dark energies (so tempation to do bad still there) they both start to destroy the universe and (sence thier light energies are still there as well) restore it, only for them to devistate it more, in an endless game of destructionand rebuilding!


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