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*Rwos' scanners slowly appraised the moon. The crust bristled with turbolasers, ion cannons, missile launchers, microsuperlasers, and full-blown superlasers in the largest craters, with deactivated cloaking devices surrounding them. The moon's surface was covered in multiple layers of ray and particle shields; something that Rwos hadn't even seen in Coruscant's immense shields. Overkill. Whoever had designed this weapon had wanted take no chances. Sublight and hyperspace engines ringed its axis, all fully shielded as well. Five hypermatter reactors ringed around a master power core above the hollow core of the moon, powering the immense systems. Rwos' sensors detected millions of depowered construction droids blanketing the walls, attached to a monstrous durasteel outer shell around the moon's hollowed-out core. So that's how they built it...programming droids, deploying cloaks, and leaving the thing alone to finish construction on its own. In the middle of the moon was an overlarge Super Star Destroyer suspended in the center of the core, locked into place by an enormous clamp around its nose and huge struts attaching to it and feeding into its power core in an almost parasitic fashion. The ship and the moon were both generating magnetic fields, apparently a sort of clever lock and key to activate a third super-powerful magnetic field projected inside an immense shell covered with quantum armor; a shell containing a gigantic antimatter generator. A mind-boggling amount of molecular-armored torpedo shells of multiple sizes filled the base of the enormous cannon jutting from the shell out through the moon's largest crater. The antimatter cannon. That generator is enormous...and less than a decigram of this stuff could destroy an entire planet. As if the superlasers weren't enough to do the job...

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