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Legends of the Spam

Chapter Eleven: Approaching Storm

No sooner than Rhett had finished his insructions Young David had grabbed a few men, including TieDefender and Darth Rommel, and were already half-way into town to gather torches and supplies. Eets, on the other hand, was just getting to his feet after suffering the blow to his head, Sherack still at his side steadying him.

Eets winced as he stood and spoke through clenched teeth, "I'm alright!", pulling away from Sherack, "I'm fine, leave me be!" he snatched his arm away from Sherack and made his way to a nearby tree and sat beneath it alone.

Sherack looked to Rhett, "I'm worried for him, you think he'll be alright?"

Rhett turned his weary eyes toward the tree, attempting to make out the silhouette of his friend, but in the darkness, all he could make out was some movement, tending his wound no doubt, Rhett thought to himself.

"Aye, I don't envy him of the headache he'll have in the morning, but he'll be fine. To be Honest, it's not his head I'm worried about...".

Rhett let those words linger a while as he continued staring at the tree. A chill crept over the two men as they stood in the road, adding to the already frigid night air. Rhett shook it off and began making his way over to the remaining men. But Sherack couldn't shake it off as easily, and was left alone to ponder what his friend meant.

As Rhett approached the remaining men, Crazy Dog spoke up, "Rhett, shouldn't you have sent someone else with Havoc?" Some of the other men nodded in agreement, and The MadDoofer spoke up, "I'll gladly go after him if you want! I'd find him you know. I'm an excellent tracker!"

Rhett, turned and surveyed the direction in which the Beast had took flight, wondering how his friend was faring knowing he did what he had to, Havoc wouldn't have had it any other way. He then turned his attention back to Crazy Dog and Doofer

"I know you could Doofer But no, something tells me he has to go this alone..."

Havoc tried his best to keep the flying Beast, krkode, in his sight. But in the darkness of the forrest, the braches seemed to grab at his cloak, teariing at his flesh and threaten to take an eye. Even so, Havoc refused to slow his pace, he had been running for nearly an hour now, and beginning to wish he had grabbed a horse before dashing after the beast. But he knew that Rhett had given him this chance and he wasn't going to let him down. He's make up for his past if it was the last thing he'd do!

Havoc glanced up again and caught sight of his prey and whsipered to himself, "Fly as you may, you won't get away from me, beast. Surely as my temper is running hot, you will share the same fate as your master!" The thought of the vile monster Sardauker being sliced in two by his blade brought a smirk to Havoc's face. But Havoc quickly dismissed the thought, knowing this wasn't the time for smiles.

Suddenly Havoc burst into a clearing, a small field lit dimmly by the moon above. On the other side of the clearing a dense, dark forest rose ominously above the clearing and high into the night: The Evernight Forrest. Named such by travellers for it's incredible dense undergrowth and foliage that even on the brightest of summer days it was lit no more than a moonlight night. Needless to say, most travellers stay clear of the forrest, while those who do venture into the dark woods and survive are later found at taverns, terrified, telling stories of unearthly creatures, wicthery and curses while they drink themselve into oblivion too scared to face the world.

Havoc scanned the night sky, praying the beast had changed direction saving him the experience of the Evernight Forrest, but all hope was lost when he caught sight of krkode flying straight over the Evernight Forrest. In the distance ahead a rumble of thunder could be heard, paying it little heed Havoc took a deap breath and plunged into the darkness of the thick forrest...

Back outside of town, Rhett looked skyward at the sound of thunder rolling from the mountains to the south. Rhett furrowed his brow and muttered under his breath, "This is not good, not good at all..." His thought was cut short by Sherack and Clefo who approached Rhett with concern on their faces. Rhett immediately asked, "what... what is it?"

Clefo spoke first, "Young David and the others have not returned. It's been two hours, and I fear something has happened to them!"

Rhett realized that, indeed, Young David had been gone far too long, but before he could think of possible reasons why they were waylaid, his thoughts were interrupted again...

"Oh, and there's one more thing", it was Sherack this time, "Eets is gone."

Rhett turned to look at Sherack disbelief in his eyes, "WHAT!"

Clefo answered, "We looked everywhere. Maybe he went in to town to find the others?

Rhett hung his head and paused before speaking. "No, he didn't go into town. This is what I feared the most...",

The rest of his words were lost in a deafening roar of thunder, and the men could do little more than look up at the dark clouds of the approaching storm. They all knew these were no ordinary clouds, and they knew there was a good chance some of them might not live out this storm...

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

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