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*hidden far above them, in the mess of rigging above the docking bays, a black-coated figure aims his rifle at Ariel's head and speaks into his comlink*

S-02 to 03, should I finish the job?

He gets a reply:

03 to 02, negative, we don't know who he or she is. Can you identify the male target?

01 to 03, his name is Deac Starkiller. He is a sort of Jedi. He is well known in this dimension.

02 to 01, can you ID the male/female target?

01 to 02, negative, but it's a she.

03 to 01, should we take out the Jedi?

01 to 03, more importantly, where is the main target?

03 to 01, she entered a shop. She's temporarily out of range.

01 to 03, it seems that the second female target is the owner of the demolished ship.

02 to 01, you mean they got the wrong ship?

01 to 02, that's exactly what I mean.

01 to all, base gives confirmation to eliminate the secondary targets. Order we enter the shop and ensure main target does not escape.

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