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Alright guys, here's my new chara info

Name: Thrr-gilag, Clan: Kee'rr
Gender: Male
Species: Zhirrzh
Description/ a little background: Roughly human in height, with slender torso and a pair each of arms and legs in more or less hman arrangement. A hairless head sits atop what passes for a neck, the face roughly triangular in shape as large brow ridges over the deep-set eyes narrow to hawklike beaks. Always dressed in tight fitting jumpsuits, made of a shimmery material. A small scar rides on his neck just below where it narrows backward into a triangle, the scar is roughly the same size and shape of that of an small appendix removal scar in humans. This scar is due to the removal of the fss organ. The fss seems to be unique amongst the galaxy. It is an organ, that, when removed from it's host and kept from decay, it acts as sort of an anchor. Should the former host be killed, or raised to Eldership as it is said amongst the Zhirrzh, then they will immediately (not physically, but their essence, spirit, soul or Force presence, however you want to say it) yanked back to their fss in their family shrine. There they will become nearly literally a ghost, with decreased sensory abilities, but the ability to pass inside the anchor areas of their fss instantaneously. Also, the fss can be cut, in order to move that cutting even as far as a different planet. The Zhirrzh can then move instantaneously between those pieces, so long as they are not blocked by concentrations of some of the denser metals. (That includes Deac's head... just kidding Deac). As well, when radio waves are passed over the fss in high enough concentrations, the Elder will feel wracking pains in growing amounts up to death. These concentrated radio waves are known as the Elderdeath weapons to the Zhirrzh. Uh, I think that's a pretty good physiological background to the Zhirrzh, oh yeah, they have two thumbs and three fingers, both thumbs opposable, and the Zhirrzh homeplanet, Oaccanav, is in the Unkown Regions, though they do have hyperspace capabilities, just at much slower speeds than normal. Within the Unkown Regions, the Zhirrzh have built a small empire of about 18 worlds, which they control through their strict clan system which is over seen by the Overclan Prime, most powerful of all the Zhirrzh.
Personal Background: Thrr-gilag is from the planet Oaccanav, home planet of his clan, the Kee'rr. After his bond-engagement to a female from another clan was broken for political reasons, he devoted himself to the furtherance of Zhirrzh society. As a result, he rose highly through the ranks of his clan, before becoming Speaker, and using his incredible political leverage and background as a scholar and student of aliens to get himself appointed upon an expidition to search beyond the Zhirrzh empire for other peoples. It was in this way that the Zhirrzh stumbled on to the New Republic. And so, in due course, they have traveled to Coruscant to contact the New Republic, and find out what they can...

"Space is big... really big. I mean, you wouldn't believe how vastly, hugely, incomprehensibly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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