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A coupple more problems

Sorry about this post being so large. Hope you can get through it

As you can se below, when I type serverinfo, with the server running on the .cfg above, everything doesnt seem correct. For one it claism sv_allowDownload is set to 0

Another problem is that although the server has no problem starting with the map duel_pit as I have set in the server.cfg, it claims when I try a "map duel_pit" that it cant find /maps/duel_pit
I take it it then wants duel_pit to be put into a maps folder, but none of the maps I have installed have any problem, and they are all pk3 files located in my base folder, as are the assets0 through 3 .pk3 files.
Now I could of course create a map dir in my base dir and put all the files in there, but since the server is happy with all the other maps just in the base dir, it doesnt seem likely to correct the problem. Besides, the standard maps are all stuffet into to those huge assets files, and I dont want extra copies of those all over the place.

And one other thing. The server claims that it is exec'ing mpdefault.cfg and jk2mpserver.cfg (It also bitches about an autoexec.cfg, but I read that I could ignore that problem somewhere else in this thread) The two cfg files I have mentioned above are not located anywhere in my linux file-structure, unless they are a part of the "assets-files". So is it supposed to exec those?

Hitch warning: 5237 msec frame time
Server info settings:
g_blueteam Rebellion
g_redteam Empire
g_weaponDisable 65531
g_forcePowerDisable 32741
g_forceRegenTime 200
g_maxGameClients 0
capturelimit 20
sv_floodProtect 1
sv_maxPing 0
sv_minPing 0
sv_maxRate 10000
sv_maxclients 3
sv_hostname [BOFH] Et Dukkehjem
g_duelWeaponDisable 65531
g_forceBasedTeams 0
duel_fraglimit 10
g_maxForceRank 6
g_saberLocking 1
g_privateDuel 1
timelimit 4
fraglimit 1
dmflags 0
version JK2MP: v1.03a linux-i386 May 15 2002
g_maxHolocronCarry 3
g_gametype 3
g_needpass 0
protocol 15
mapname duel_pit
sv_privateClients 0
sv_allowAnonymous 0
sv_allowDownload 0
bot_minplayers 0
gamename basejk
g_jediVmerc 0
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