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Sorry 'bout the delay. To tell you all the truth, I wanted to take screen grabs of Lord of the Rings and edit them with your faces, but I had problems with the screenshot utility and had to give up. It's too bad, maybe some other time


Chapter Eighteen: The Dreaded Arrival

High atop the rock he was standing on, Clefo inspected the battlefield and noticed that while the battle was still raging on, the humans were slowly driving off the spammers.

He tended his bow once again to kill another minion that was trying to climb the rock. He could see Sherack brandishing his sword proudly: Victory was near...

Rommel was perplex. It all seemed too easy. Of course this victory would not be won without losses, but still... something was wrong. The minions were scattered about; it was getting difficult to find a new target after killing spammer after spammer.

Suddenly, amidst the noise of sword clashing together and battle cries, the sound of heavy footsteps was heard. Calm and slow footsteps. Scary, they were, and sinister.

Rommel looked up and what he saw made him lose all confidence of an eventual victory. Before him stood a towering and heavily clad warrior of the spam. He was powerful-looking. He drew out his weapon... it was the Tell You I Will. The most powerful weapon of the spam.

Rommel fell on his knees.
"It is over. The Acolyte General has arrived. This foe is beyond any of us... Sherack! We must stand back!"

NO!!! I will not have it that way, Rommel! There is still a chance!

However, even as Sherack said that, every humans were taking steps back from the General. Holding their shields up close to their faces, they seemed incredibly afraid of him, with reason. Their hope of victory had all but faded.

One of the warriors of Geebee, Crazy Dog, let out a great battle cry and rushed toward the Acolyte, alone. The General swinged his great weapon at him and sent him flying all the way to Clefo's rock. He was hurled at Link Antilles' feet...

The other half of his body bounced back on the dusty ground.

"NOOO! Crazy Dog!" Link took his aim and shot an arrow at the Acolyte. It was heading right for his chest but his magical armor deflected it before it could hit the hard steel.

"It's no use..." Rommel said, in despair. The General advanced toward the army of Geebee with the remaining minions and attacked. One swipe of Tell You I Will was sending off dozens of valiant warriors... Sherack and Rommel attacked him together, but the dark warrior parried both of their attacks and pushed them back.

Andrei attacked him from behind but his sword bounced back because of the armor's magical properties. The General turned around and sent him flying away with his weapon, but Andrei successfully parried the attack which enabled him to survive the might of Tell You I Will, even though the shock stunned him for a few seconds.

Xwing Guy took out his throwing axes and hurled three of them at the dark warrior's face. The Acolyte intercepted them all with his free hand. He had lightning-fast reflexes. He threw one back at Xwing Guy, who couldn't hold up his shield fast enough. The axe pierced his armor and landed right on his chest. He let out a cry of pain, but he was not dead. The dark warrior walked over him, pushing aside the other humans like they were mere insects, and held his feet over Xwing Guy's head... Sherack turned away, tears running down his cheeks, as a crunching sound was heard.

The future of Geebee was looking more grim with every passing minutes.

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