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[Yep, I'll RP the leader-it ain't Beler]

*Beler remains cool, even with the...thing...above his head. He could easily kill him with his sharpshooter pistol in his pocket. As he contemplates this, the holoscreen in the centre of the table activates to show an aged human face, and all present stand and salute. It is Molok Karathi himself. This must be important*

Karathi: Be seated, agents. You may be surprised to see such experience agents all working together for one mission, but we're playing to our strenghs here. We have several assignments for you. The first is this:

The rebel alliance has contracted us to kill an Imperial Moff by the name of Poless for them. It seems he killed a lot of innocent non-humans or something, doesn't matter top us. Anyway, his palace needs destroying and he must be killed. But, and here's the tricky part, he must be killed before the palace is destroyed. The rebels want two extra minutes for one of their own teams to steal something. We want this one clean, so minium wastage of life if possible. Also, we must remain undetected. The empire's still taxing us dreadfully for our part in the whole Yotashi affair. Your pay will be given when you get here. Any questions?

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