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Originally posted by Ticallion38
Can someone help me?

I've scrolled through all these pages,did everything exactly like you guys said.I just wanted to try out a couple scripts to see how they worked,wasn't gonna use em in a multiplayer game..just a little too cheap.

Anyhow,I copy and pasted one of em into a notepad,saved it as autoexec.cfg and put it in the game base folder where it should be.I tried single AND multiplayer,but it didn't do anything.I even tried the other way where you'd need to execute the file with ~ + shift,but it said the .cfg couldn't be executed,any ideas?

Check your extension on the cfg file. If it said it can't be executed it means;

A. The file isn't there (in your base directory)

B. The file isn't named correctly, you are typing it wrong when exec it or the extension isn't right. It might be named autoexec.cfg.txt

On a side not, i hope you are tring one script at a time. Cutting and pasting everything at once will get you confused. Add one then another then another... little by little.

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