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Here it is. I hope you guys are not too disappointed by the short length. But you will be all surprised... I hope


Chapter Twenty: The Loss

Back at the grey plains in front of the Spam Castle, the army of GeeBee was still helpless against a foe many times stronger than all of them together. Weary from the long battle, the heroes backed off as the dark warrior advanced toward them. They were a hundred against the General alone, but it was useless; he seemed invincible.

Although the dark warrior could very well defeat the entire resistance force all by himself, the last remaining minions of Viper were also helping out. Clefo and his archer companions, useless against the Acolyte's magical armor, began taking down the lesser spammers. They would soon run out of arrows, though...

Andrei came back to his senses and saw the dark warrior standing on Xwing Guy's crushed body. Strenghtened by despair, he, along with Artoo and Silenthunter, tried to encircle the General. Thanks to their war tactics expertise, they successfully positionned themselves; however the dreaded Spammer simply laughed as their swords bounced back at them. He then proceeded to systematically send them flying away one by one.

A few of the lesser swordmen of GeeBee retreated from the battle, terrified by the idea of dying by the Tell You I Will. If any of them came back at GeeBee after the battle, no one knows. Sherack tried to relax and began analyzing his foe.

If we can't survive a hit from Tell You I Will, we need to dodge the attacks... thus, my armor will only hinder our success.

Sherack began removing the heavy metal armor he was wearing. He dropped his shield on the ground and readied his sword.

"Sherack! What are you doing! It won't work... Hold it!" shouted Rommel, obviously concerned by his friend's well-being.

Not heeding the advice, Sherack engaged himself in a duel against the terrible General. The dark spammer attempted a low swipe to cut Sherack's legs off, but thanks to the lessened burden, Sherack could easily jump over Tell You I Will. He used the opportunity to try to bash the Acolyte's head but something happened then that Sherack did not intend: The General disappeared and reappeared in his back!

Sensing the danger, Sherack rolled to his side, barely dodging the slash that was directed at his head. He quickly got back up and assumed a defensive position, trying to find a way to surprise his opponent. Unexpectedly, the General lowered his guard and began to laugh. Confused, Sherack wondered what was going to happen.

Sherack would never know, as a mere minion of the spam crept up behind his back and cut his head off effortlessly.

Not a word was spoken, not a finger moved as the warriors of GeeBee saw in horror their leader's head roll on the ground.

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