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The reason behind my death:
It saddens me a little, but I thought it would be interesting to coincide my death in the story with the announcement I am going to make:

I am stepping down from my position as the LucasConsoles webmaster. I quit.

Why? Because I do not have the time, or will, to continue any further. Running LucasConsoles has become a burden rather than an enjoyment. It has become a chore; I cannot stand the thought of disappointing Chris or Zero any longer.

Do not be mistaken. I do have faith in LucasConsoles. I think it can become a great site, it has potential... just not with me at the helm. I thought I could write good articles and lead a staff properly, but I was wrong; my articles are often bad, poorly written. My only regret is that I did not figure it out any sooner.

In other words, I'm done with holding off the site from expanding as it should.

Rhett will take my place as the main webmaster. He will pick up my work where I left it. I have confidence in his abilities to do a better job than I did.

From now on, I am a normal member, just like most of you.

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