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Question Warning! Warning! Long Post!

Okay, so I saw that post awhile back where someone talked about writing a script to change their binds depending on the type of game they play, and I thought it sounds like a good idea and tried to do it myself. Well, parts of it work. I tried writing up a config with four key configs put in, one for basic binds to be used no matter what type of mp I'm doing, one that adds gun binds, one that adds lightsider binds, and one for darksider binds.

When I tried running it ingame, 1) I realized that I made a slight mistake since I couldn't do four different exec commands, I'd have to remember the vstr binds, and 2) the basic, guns, and darksider binds are all implemented when I run the script. Anotherwords I can't choose which to use at any one time, and I can't access the lightside binds at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do different? Here's what I have right now:

//key bind script

//normal key binds

set "keybinds"
bind DEL "exec myavanua.cfg";
bind INS "exec rboss.cfg";
bind HOME "exec rodian.cfg";
bind END "exec krishara.cfg";
bind F1 "+taunt";
bind F2 "say Good Fight.";
bind F3 "say yes";
bind F4 "say no";
bind F5 "say lol";
bind F6 "say sure";
bind TAB "+scores";
bind SPACE "+moveup";
bind D "+back";
bind E "+forward";
bind F "+moveright";
bind S "+moveleft";
bind MOUSE1 "+attack";
bind MOUSE2 "+movedown";
bind MOUSE3 "+altattack";
bind SHIFT "+speed";
bind Y "saberAttackCycle";
bind B "+use";
bind L "engage_duel";
bind I "messagemode";
bind O "messagemode2";
bind H "screenshot_tga";
bind J "centerview";
bind ENTER "+button2";
bind - "invprev";
bind = "invnext";

//with guns binds

set "withguns"
bind P "cg_thirdperson !";
bind 0 "weapon 10";
bind 1 "weapon 1";
bind 2 "weapon 2";
bind 3 "weapon 3";
bind 4 "weapon 4";
bind 5 "weapon 5";
bind 6 "weapon 6";
bind 7 "weapon 7";
bind 8 "weapon 8";
bind 9 "weapon 9";
bind MWHEELUP "weapnext";
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev";

//lightsider binds

set "lightsider"
unbind W;
unbind R;
unbind Z;
unbind V;
unbind Q;
unbind G;
unbind A;
unbind T;
bind W "force_throw";
bind R "force_pull";
bind Z "force_speed";
bind V "force_seeing";
bind A "force_absorb";
bind G "force_heal";
bind Q "force_distract";
bind T "force_protect";

//darksider binds

set "darksider"
unbind W;
unbind R;
unbind Z;
unbind V;
unbind Q;
unbind G;
unbind A;
unbind T;
bind W "force_throw";
bind R "force_pull";
bind Z "force_speed";
bind V "force_seeing";
bind G "+force_lightning";
bind A "+force_drain";
bind T "+force_grip";
bind Q "force_rage";

//end seperate scripts

bind kp_5 "vstr keybinds";
bind kp_rightarrow "vstr withguns";
bind kp_end "vstr lightsider";
bind kp_downarrow "vstr darksider";

//end script

P.S. I also wrote a few scripts that change the current player model and several taunt message binds. Those work perfectly during playtesting. That's what those "exec rboss.cfg" etc. binds are.

BTW, I realize the most likely answer will be don't use a single script for everything, but what the fun in that be ?

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