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Aye, i get ya... i was under the impression that the secondary fire was more powerful becuase you charge it. Without a charge i thought it was just as strong as normal. I also think that there's a zoom in/out animation. So even if it's done really fast, there will be some "delay" as the weapon will zoom out.
not sure bout that one i read on one of the sites (think twins of doom's one or that the primary fire of the sniper gun is alot weaker, but mayb it just mean secondary fire is stronger coz it can b charged.

so now i'm working on a script (i aint good at writing these things....) to actually execute the zoom in view and charge up at the same time then fire the weapon b4 zooming out. i;m guessing its sumthing around secondary fire, wait 1, primary fire wait ?? and asigning it to a keybooard key will do, mayb it's probally dumb idea, since i can actually do this manually. like moving, zoom in a tiny fraction, then charge up b4 firing, only take round 3-4seconds, i was just hoping a script will make this even faster
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