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Wow. Good luck with the project!

Can other Dig fans help out? -if so, with what?

I want to see this happend.
The pure beauty of the planet Cocytus is incredible. Incredible. I cant put words into it, but I can the game gives a wonderful and precise feel of your self actually experiencing the planet, and its just you and the beauty. The colours, the emotions of adventure, discovery are just floating there in the air. Quite a journey of intellectual intercourse.

I dont know how a film based on the novel would be. The spirit of the novel seemed to be not like in the game. Though, I only read the first 7 chapters. I got bored after chapter 4 or something.

Though, "just" a 5-20 minute long 3D simulation of the planet would be awesome. To be 'flown' in the air over the open sea without any land, and then to see the island in the horizon, then to fly around the different towers, to visit all the locations, *that* is a dream. A sexy one. *drowl*

as Sean said:
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Shotgun to be a beta-tester!
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