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Posts: 16 could you guys help? First of all, you can provide us with valuable input, ideas, and suggestions.

Here's one thing to think about: How are we going to simulate weightlessness inside the space shuttle cabin? Those scenes are actually in the novel, and are not from the game. If we decide to include the scenes covered in the 4th and 5th chapters of the book, how can we make it look like our hair is floating, etc.? I would like to hear your suggestions, and if any of you know how they accomplish the effect in professional sci-fi movies, I would gladly like to know that as well.

If any of you happen to know how to work with blue or green screens (like they use for the weather on TV, and obviously, for visual purposes in films) we would really like some help on that. We see the need to composite live action characters over a CG background, especially when it comes to placing our characters on the planet of Cocytus...

If you have any talent in 3D modeling and/or animation, and are willling and able to create fairly decent models of Cocytan artifacts/machinery, we may be able to use them in our film. Metal plates, life crystals, spire interiors, etc. Perhaps a few of you are able to make REAL metal plates with inscriptions on them. If anyone is involved in pyrotechnics and can make a "life crystal" with a tiny green light in the middle or something, that might be helpful, too...

I know all of this is probably beyond your capabilities, but at least most of you can help out on ideas and thoughts and input. I'm just giving ideas myself here, as to how you might be able to help us. If you come up with another way in which you might be able to help, I would be delighted to hear it.

Oh...and about that 3d simulation...yeah, we could probably do that easily, if we ever fully complete this project. Cocytus and it's unique locales will most likely be modeled in 3D sometime over the next two years. I imagine it would be simple to have a camera fly around it...I don't know about 15-20 minutes, though!

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