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Perfection? No? Then Shut up.

God I'm sick of you little whining thumb suckin Mr. Clean Soul's.

A game cheat gives the person using it virtually total perfection.

God mode for example, it gives the player complete invincibility, they can't die, unless a certain area of the map is programmed to kill anything.

A cheat is perfection.

A script is not perfection, a script is like a robot, it lacks human qualities, it does not have the ability to evaluate its sorroundings and guess the timing to trigger itself.

The DFA script for example, once you trigger it executes the task, always at the same time. When you do it manually your accuracy is a lot better, when you fire yoursaber you have almost 1 seconds to jump, press and hold fire, and .1 seconds could mean the difference between hitting and missin your prey by a couple of inches.

JK2 is not about pressing keys, but timing, any damn n00b whose uses Windblows who can press CTRL-ALT-DEL can pretty well press BACK and ATTACK. Any n00b who can press CTRL-ALT-DEL can press forward jump attack, a new n00b can move his mouse to turn 300 times a second, but can any n00b or any script do it at the right time?

Interesting crap I found out about Mr. Clean Souls, you bash you call the scripters n00bs, you say they're telling us WTF you think it is a cheat? No explanation? Just call it a cheat cause you don't have the gift of scripting?
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