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i particularly like to use these scripts... (sorry if someone has already posted one of these, i didn't see them...)


bind x "force_pull;+altattack;wait;wait;wait;wait;-altattack"

if someone knows a good defense of this move, please post. Even using absorb will not allow blocking damage from this script. The reason I'm posting is hoping that if everyone uses it, someone might figure out a way to block it.

pull/front jumpkick

bind x "+forward;force_pull;wait;wait;+moveup;wait;wa it;-moveup;wait;wait;+moveup;wait;wait;-moveup;-forward"

the way i've written this one, if you were moving forward you'll stop after the script finishes. It can be a bit annoying, but at least you don't have to be pressing forward to execute the move. Also having the pull is a bit annoying cause sometimes you might want to do a plain jumpkick...


bind x "+forward;wait;wait;+movedown;wait;wait;force_pull ;wait;wait;-movedown;wait;wait;-forward"

i don't know why i scripted this one, but its just fun to do on unsuspecting peeps.

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