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First of all, we are on Nar Shadda, near or in the Assassin's Tower.


You can post your own character here, no need to post it anywhere else.
Each character can be proficient in two types of weapons, and may have one special skill and cybernetic enhancement, should they wish.
No killing other players. If you attack another player who has not gone rogue, the rest of the party will do their duty and kill you. No traitors.
No godmoding.
Classes e.g: Marksman, swordsman, medi, demolition men, tech etc.
No jedi, no sith, no lightsabers. This is set during the Galactic Civil War
You need to be an assassin. You need to post an introduction like everyone else: example

Name: Beler Jil
Weapon Skills: Pistols and Rifles
Class: Marksman
Enhancement: Cybernetic Eye for aiming with viewing augmentations.
Skill:Called Shots
However: If you want to use that character as a side character, then I think it's fine. For example, your assassin character could be sent to assassinate him, or be related to him in some way.))

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