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[QUOTE]Originally posted by SST_Brink

#3. Nice graphics there. However, take a look at what I was able to do in a program called Blender. Of course, I spent a few hours on this image, so it's not like it was easy...I think this is the correct URL here:
Consider this as highly detailed concept art...

Very nice, I know Blender as a little big 3d package!
Blender's team are working on a new version and recently they show it in Germany...
I use other 3d programs and these Dig images are created only to play with one of them... I made it without concept art, a draw, something to copy, only idea..
Make a film it's totally different, I worked on a short and my team and I thought all the necessary, only to the end we worked on CG... not using the way I used to make this picture

Good luck for your project!

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