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And the other promised chapter:


Chapter 22: A New Hope

Darkness floated over the battlefield. Sherack’s army retreated to the southern end of the field. The acolyte general gathered his army at the northern side of the field. Both armies took care of their wounded and builded up some strenght for a next strike.

“What are you? Cowards?”, the general cried, “I dare you, people of GeeBee, come and kill me!” The general waved his weapon, “In 2 hours the armies from the far north will be here. You shall be crushed and Viper will be your emperor!”

The general stood, his minions hissing behind him. The people from GeeBee know they could defeat those creatures, but the general would prevent them from doing that. They had 2 hours, then the northern armies would arrive. How to beat them, nobody knew. The dotcommers felt lost. All hope fled.

Rommel wiped a tear from his eye. He turned his back to the general and look toward his land, the land of Geebee. But when he looked at the mountain he saw a man standing there. A man dressed in a blue robe, his face hidden. He knew he’d seen the man before, but the battle made him forget a lot of things.

The man came down. He seemed to be alone and unarmed.

“Who are you?”, Rommel asked the lone stranger. The people of GeeBee turned to watch this blue robed man.

“Who am I? You’re sure you wanna know?”, the man threw his robe off so that everyone could see his face, “I’m Young David!

“Thank goodness you’re still alive. Alas that we meet again at such a tragic moment. We are defeated, Sherack Nhar has been slain, many soldiers died. In 2 hours our country is no more.” Rommel talked bravely, but one could feel that it felt hard on him.

“Why are you so certain of our loss?”

“Becau ...”

“Why?! Because you have forgotten. You have forgotten that we have allies, you have forgotten that the people of GeeBee will always be free, and ...” Young David let the tension build, “You have forgotten who I am!”

The crowd went silent. Who was he? Wasn’t Young David not a normal citizen like them? He was just a young man, or young ... How old was he? Everybody had known Young David all their life. He had always been there, but never seems to age.

“I think I need to apologize to you. You may have forgotten, but the weapon our enemy wields was not made by him. It was I, and I have come to correct my error.”

Young David paced through the crowd until he reached the battlefield, quickly followed by Rommel. “Wait, you can’t kill him all by yourself. You’re just one man. He’ll crush you like he crushed Sherack. Come to you’re senses.”

“Don’t worry,“ Young David waved him away as he stepped on the battlefield, “I know what I’m doing.”

The crowd stood still, another man would surely die. From the other side the General entered the battlefield with his might weapon in his hand. “So, you decided to die before we’d take you’re country, huh?” The general roared in laughter. Young David stood and put his hand in his pocket before he spoke.

“Koentra koma doma voeradal mana dung, groekie kwaado.”

Both armies stood perplex, that was the secret language of the ancient. Only a few could speak it. “He says that the general is gonna die today.”, someone from behind the GeeBee army said. People looked behind and saw a single man standing there. On top of the mountains they saw several parties of warriors coming down.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. It’s my native tongue.”

Before people could ask who he was and where those warriors came from a cry came from the battlefield. It was the general who charged at Young David.

“Noma doma voersla Redwing” (“Nobody defeats the mighty Redwing”, the man translated.)

Redwing hewed at Young David, who evaded. Redwing charged past his target so that Young David could get something out of his pocket. It was an ordanairy rock. Before Redwing turned for another charge Young David threw the rock at the general.

Time seemed to have stopped. As guided trough the Spam the rock flew trough the air and hit Redwing square between the eyes. The general fell dead on the ground and a warcry sounded from the south.


It was Rommel who gave the order, echoed by the mysterious man so that also the warriors from the mountains came running down.

The creatures on the other side did not hesitate to do the same. Young David both saw the great armies coming his way and picked a sword of a fallen soldier from the ground and charged at defended the Tell you I will weapon with his life

A lot of free men lost their life on that battlefield. Many evil creatures were killed and the field was covered in red and green blood. In the end only a hundred men and a few spam captains with a handful of minions each surrounded Young David who still was defending the weapon.

One of the great Spam captains kicked Young David in the side so that he flew against a rock and lay motionless. “YD!”, cried the mysterious man and charged in on the captain piercing his armour and killing him in one blow.

The remaining soldiers of the spam army escaped to the mountains, knowing that they could not win anymore. Rommel sliced some in their escape before he ran to Young David.

Wraith 8, that was amazing”, Young David said. Some of the men tried to get Young David up, but he was wounded too much. “Let me rest here, I’ll live but I can’t fight anymore.”

Wraith 8 turned toward the remaining, small, army, “I think there needs to be some explaining here.” Wraith 8 turned to Young David for approval, Young David nodded.

“Well, I’m Wraith 8 and had a visit from Young David who called for reinforcements and then we ended up here.”

“Doesn’t explain everything to me”, Rommel said.

“Excuse him,” Young David replied, “I will tell you the complete story.”

Young David started telling how he and Tiedefender got lost from the group while looking for reinforcements. It appeared they were just outside town when they met Wraith 8 near the Forummy Lake. Wraith 8 appeared to be from the same order of ancient Wizzards as Young David so the long lost friends hugged and promised to help each other.

“He said he had some friends that could help out. So we travelled all over the country to find new warriors to join our battle. Many of them have died, but some of them need still an introduction.”

Young David pointed to some of the men around him. “You all know Tiedefender ofcourse. Next to him is Wraith 5, Wraith 8's cousin. We have Jedi_Masta over there flanked by Dash Rendar and those two ladies are STTCT and SharaFett.”

When Young David introduced them they put off their warrior masks and revealed their female face. Many were surprised that these two ladies survived the battle.

"But what shall we do with the Tell You I will weapon?" Wraith 8 asked.

"The Weapon of the enemy is a gift," said Jedi_Masta "Let us use it against him!"

"No!" Rommel replied, "You cannot wield it, none of us can."

"Fate brought the weapon in our hands!"Young David sat upright and looked around to the company. Their were only around 50 men left, including the two women.

“I believe it is our fate to be here,” Young David spoke with authority, “It is our destiny. I believe that this night holds for each and everyone of us the very meaning of our lives. This is a war and we are soldiers. What if tomorrow the war could be over. Isn't that worth fighting for? Isn't that worth dying for?”

“The war is over”, someone said.

“No, it isn’t”, Rommel replied. “Two hours have past. The northern army could be here any second.”

Just as Rommel spoke a dark cloud came over the company. All around them the minions of Viper could be seen. They were surrounded in a big circle with the army of the north taunting them from every side.

A tall captain raised his sword and pointed it to the survivors of the battle.


He ho to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe
rain may fall and wind may blow
but there still be many miles to go

Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain
and the stream that falls from hill to plain
Better than rain or rippling brook
is a mug of beer inside this Took

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