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Here's the whole plotline of the Dig, shortened into a list of "scenes." I am using it to get a big picture at the massive-ness of the story, so I can wrap my mind around it. I just thought it might be entertaining for you all to look at:

Borneo (and a Title Sequence)
Itís A Rock, Mr. President
The Ultimate Souvenir Picture
Small Talk, Small People
Burning Hell At Your Back
Iím Paid To Worry
Just Another Star
Framed By The Black Of Space
A Home Run For Boston
Itís A Little Weird Up Here
Some Kind Of Artifact
Trapped Within A Psychotic Rainbow
Flashes Of Light
Cavorting Gravity
What Youíre Telling Us Makes No Sense
Amid Oceans Of Preternatural Calm
Others Have Come
Did You Feel That?
A Diversion Only
Spirits, Maggie?
Monitor Them Without Condemnation
Cocytus It Is, Then
Teasing Up Old Memories
Lights In The Sky
A Sign Of Mental Strength
Thereís Nothing We Can Do
These Are Different
Acting On Your Own Orders
Truly Problem Solving
Alien Engineering
Be Not Impatient For Failure
The Crystal
Hard To Make A Corpse Worse Off
We See Reason For Hope
All Out Of Bright Ideas
We Must Get Them Out
Thinking Like A Human
A Shocking Experience
They Continue To Make Progress
A Planetarium
We May Look Like Food
Favored By The Grand Intangibles
The Crystals Must Be Attended To
To Cancel Out An Invincible Guardian
Sometimes You What, Maggie?
A Distorted Mockery Of A Face
Something Of An Obsession
All Spasms And Twitches
The Creator
The Beauty Of Mortality
I Find Myself Unable To Move
Missing A Part
The Fifth Island
Find Out What the Beams Are For
You Will Never Go Back
Too Many Miracles To Deal With

* I have heard many people say that the conclusion/ending to the Dig was really unrealistic. If not that, it only takes up a very small amount of pages in the book. A very short conclusion, and in that time 2 people die and come back to life, and the Cocytans are freed, and they all go home. Truly, it may be "altogether too many miracles to deal with at once." In an effort to make this a better film, we are considering lengthening the ending for our project. I don't know how we will do this. We don't necessarily want to change the ending either. I am interested in hearing what all of you think about the ending, and how we could make it better. Perhaps, we should not do anything to it and leave it alone. What do you think?

Boston: Ludger?

Ludger: It would have to be, wouldn't it, Commander?!
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