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Ben is absolutely right. It's honestly hard for me to think of a pretty famous actor that I can truly consider versatile besides maybe, say, Tom Hanks, but even he plays the 'poor me' archetype quite often. Comedies in particular, the actors tend to become an acquired taste like your best friend's sense of humor. If say, Adam Sandler, didn't play the fish out of water role that he's done since he left SNL, people wouldn't probably find nearly as much draw to his movies since humans are generally much more comfortable with what they're familiar with, and every one of his movies is the exact goddamn same. Then again, generally speaking, his movies have met with less and less success, most likely because of people tiring of the character. Therefore, he eventually will likely have to spend the next 3 movies changing his archetype or just retire altogether.

In short, Mark Hamill is doing the right thing by picking more obscure roles, such as the Joker in the Batman series or the robot dude in Time Squad.. hell, even Cockknocker in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back had some originality merits. If you look at his movie career, he's rarely played the same character twice unless it's a sequel. Admittedly, Mark Hamill isn't the greatest on-screen actor, but his ability to play so many different roles and so many different voices is pretty notable.

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