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OK, here i go:

1)Cocytus is a barren landscape, especially in the opening environment. The key here is that it's CLOSED OFF. This is going to require a travelling matte for all of the shots in that particular scene, not to mention the numerous crystaline rooms, the spherical transportation system, etc. This is friggin' expensive. It's also very hard for a person with little CGi experience to create, since places like ILM have 20-30 people working on the same sequence at once. That's gonna be damn expensive.

2)You have no idea how many legal issues you're going to come across. Who's going to be the space organization? NASA? That's probably another $30 000 in the hole by just getting access to their names, from spacesuits to the shuttlecraft. Also, the design for the shuttlecraft is copyrighted, so you won't be able to use a ship even remotely close to its design unless you fork over even more money. Also, you need to contract your script, screenplay, your actors need to be paid (According to the Screen Actors' Guild's foundation), you need to get them contracted, actors contracted, and not to mention, you're going to need to find a field to film this in. The only place suitable for this project that i can think of would be some flat surface on the Grand Canyon, and you've got another copyright infringement right there if you don't contact the State of Nevada. When i worked on a film project, i needed 2 lawyers to handle the stress - luckily, both of them were good family friends and were willing to do it for free. Even some friggin' wallpaper patters were copyrighted.

3)Like I mentioned in the other post, you have the dillehma of stripping the plot of all puzzle-solving aspects in the story. That basically leaves the story to some cliched, stripped down version of numerous sci-fi stories. Sure, the life crystals thing hasn't been done before, but unless you use clever lighting techniques to set the mood, Brink (While under the posession of the life crystals) is going to seem like the most lame character ever. Not to mention the weak relationship with Low and Robbins near the end of the story - where the hell did that come from?

4)What do you plan to film this on? Mini-DV?

5)As for mattes, the best technique is to buy lots and lots of linoleum, and paint the back with green (It's farther away from skin tones, and there's not a lot of green colourization in The Dig anyways). The actors need to be at least 10 ft. away if you don't want any green spill seaping into the back and cutting off the character edges in post-production. That's something you DON'T want, unless you have the money to shoot footage outside of principal photography. You also need either green lamps capable of handling 400 watts at LEAST. You're going to need 4 of those, and a fluorescent lamp in the middle to balance it out. There's $3000 in rental equipment. I'm assuming that these mattes will be for outdoor environments, so you're going to have to go portable with those too... add in a generator...

I'm sorry to burst your guys' bubble, but too many times have I seen someone attempt to make a movie, only to be overwhelmed with the complexity of the project AFTER they've put in good money in starting it. It's not that easy, considering this kind of plot was meant to be produced with a $70 million budget.

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