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RPG: The Age of Wonders

(Based on computer game of same name)

1. No Godmodding.. Please

2. Your character should be some mythical form of tolkien like creature to create the atmosphere, or a human.

3. See rule 1

Juaka looked at the blade he just slaughtered some Orcs with, he was one of the Lizardman tribe, and his quickness had led to victory over the brutish Orcish horde that just ambushed him. Orcs were wild now a days ever since the army of the Keepers took the Valley of Wonders, expelling all "Evil" races from their homes. Juaka didn't know what defined "Evil" in those snotty Keeper eyes, but he didn't care, he was trying to get home to Lizardman Country, not touched by the Keepers. There also was something about the blade he weilded, he had found it on the ground in the Dwarven Safelands, but it was emitting a strange green aura.. He knew he had to get home soon...

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