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Originally posted by Master Qui-Gon:
Anyway‚ the above is my all time favorite bug and I was delighted to discover it. To do it you have to kill Darth Maul before the animation sequence where he kills Qui-Gon. The game will lock if you try to walk forward‚ but Qui-Gon lives. If you walk forward while Darth Maul is dying you can get through. It’s really weird playing with the characters from the front view. I can’t believe how much fun this game is.
Now I have two ways of getting through the game with Qui-Gon alive. Sorry to say‚ that was my goal all along in finding ways to kill Maul before the Final Battle. Silly I know, but Qui-Gon is only Star Wars character I can say I really like– except maybe R2-D2.
Qui-Gon's my favorite too.
You can do that??? I thought designers made that impossible!! Anyway, That's my longrun goal as well, if I can manage to beat Jabba's champion boss, and the other boss for that level. I'm so far behind the rest of you! Any hints would be appreciated--I wish you could turn on invincibility or something. If you're going to help me, I have the PC version, if the game varies between PC and the other gaming systems. Maybe the invincibility is in the debug menu or something????

I am also of the new generation.

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