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Sorry to break it to you adventurer, but that HAS to be mo. If you pause the video, when it does a close up on her, and then look at a picture of her from FT1, the hair is exactly the same shape. I don't think they would give someone else mo's hair. I really WISH it wase'nt mo, or at least they dont make her charcter like the tiny (and horrible) glimpse that we got in the trailer, but with what i have seen, i am very convinced that they ruined mo.

I also have to say that i don't like what they have done with FT2 for the most part. The 3d enviroments look great, but the charcters look poorly done. Ben just does not look like ben, and the fact that he isent going to sound like ben is going to make matters worse. I dont think they captured the whole "black lines for eyes" style (witch kicked @$$ btw). I hope they arent going to leave the charcter models the way they are, cause they are nothing like the orriginal right now. I think they should give up on the black line eyes thing, and go for normal eyes. That did appear in full throttle though they were'nt as common as the black line eyes. I also go the hint that ben puts a lot more "emotion" in his actions then in ft1. I dont know quite how to explain it, but he seemed a lot less "calm" then he did in ft1. I personally think that this will ruin the Ben charcter. All the negative points put aside, it looks like ben is going to be a little more bad assed. That combined with the fact that it IS a full throttle sequal, will probably prusuade me to buy it, if my fears are realised.
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