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Yes, despite it's many faults, The Phantom Menace will go down as one of my most favorite games. That fight with all 3 Jedi in the hangar is great; you never know when Darth Maul will get sick of dueling Qui-Gon and flip over to attack you. Some of the glitches that weren't so bad did manage to challenge the player a bit in order to make the feeling of ending the level have a greater sense of accomplishment. I thoroughly enjoyed gameplay throughout, esepecially jumping around with Obi-Wan on the Gardens of Theed level, looking for more secrets. It was kind of odd how in The Final Battle, you could Force-push Darth Maul off the edge, but when you were up on either of the platforms that led to the catwalk, the Force-push had no effect. My favorite thing to do was to stand there in front of 10 or more battle droids with my lightsaber and reflect as many shots as I could. It would be awesome if they took the game even ONE step farther and developed a patch or SOMETHING, but oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next FPS...

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