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I quite liked the game. I've played it a million times and it doesn't get old. It has a lot of glitches though, most of which have been mentioned on numerous occasions. One thing I haven't seen has to do with the sound files. Recopying the sound files to the hard drive EVERYTIME a level is loaded slows everything down, and with repeated loading the sound/music sometimes starts to break down and the game often crashes. Copying all the sound files to the hard drive on installation would have avoided all this.

Being able to change characters is a definite plus, though it's a drag having the wrong voices. I also wish you didn't have to keep typing in the code all the time.

A cool feature would have been alternate paths through certain levels. For example, on the Trade Fed. level you could be Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan and there'd be a different path through the level depending on which one you were. Also, the game needn't cling so closely to the movie story line. It would have been better if there was a way to keep Qui-Gon alive [if you kill Darth Maul, by God he should stay killed!]or maybe a different way to get off Tatooine other than the Watto/Podrace bit. It would be very nice if you guys released an update or expansion of the game [like with Jedi Knight] with some of these features.

The camera angle was good as a default view, but a rotating camera angle [Tomb Raider] would have helped and would be a lot easier than having to type in a code everytime you want to change the view, then type the code in again to change it back. Although I'm always interested in new games, First I'd like to see an add-on to this one. It's not like it would be that much trouble to make [which means Lucas Arts won't do it].

This is my favorite Star Wars game [ranking above both Jedi Knight & Power Battles] and I give it 9 out of 10.

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