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I'm not so sure I like this game so much.
I rate it at a 4...and I pretty much love all the Star Wars genre games.

The key feature that was not done well was "playability". It was difficult to see (dark) and difficult to find things (bad angles). Other games have allowed me to change the viewing angle so I could look up and down, even from a third-person view.

I think that "shuffle-to-the-side" as opposed to or in addition to the "roll-to-the-side" would have been appreciated. I have to work hard to get the character in the right position to shoot from the most defensive angle. "Roll-to-the-side" covers a fixed distance and sometimes I don't want to go that far.

There's a "quick save"; how come there's no "quick load"? With all the jumping across gaps, right now it's more convenient to run around to the original jump-off spot than to reload the last quick save.

I'm only at Naboo right now (second scenario) but is Force-push the only power? That would rot.

The graphics are great, but so far, playability is slightly less than that of "Shadows of the Empire". It's still a level-by-level console game. With all the different pieces and situations, it's a much less coherent game than "Jedi Knight". It could have been a lot better game and I was expecting much better from LucasArts.

This just tells me that I shouldn't buy games that are also released for consoles.
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