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Originally posted by Jedi SuperBuen:
Hey Zanzi, nice to see you again. It's always kewl having you answer some questions.

Oh before I ask, I noticed that the save games are all like Zanzi01.sav or something. Pretty kewl (ur idea?)

Speaking of Maul: Why the lightning? Was he too easy to beat without it?

Also, the Queen in the Gardens is retarded! She doesn't follow very good Was she hard to "write"?

Oh and finally is Jar Jar invincible? It seems I can hide behind him in the Swamp level and he doesn't die.


'Zanzi.sav' comes from the project name, which was, you guessed it, Zanzibar. And yes, the project name comes from my online 'handle', not vice versa

Yes, Maul was too easy to beat without the lightning. We needed him to have something long-range to prevent you from firing rockets at him etc, even though he deflects most of them, he still was a bit vulnerable to grenades etc.

Yes, the Queen gave us FITS to get her AI to work properly. A lot of it had to do with our AI routines for wall-following...they were hell. If someone got bumped off their walking 'track', then we had a predetermined routine to see if they could get back on track. Well, it NEVER worked right, anyone who got off track would run around bumping into walls, turning 90 degrees, running again, hit a wall, repeat ad nauseum. We lovingly termed that such character was 'looking for Robert', who was the programmer for the routine. It was basically a black hole, where once you went in to that mode, the character was DONE in terms of future functionality. So, we had to hard-code the Queen to stay on track, and it was hell, because she was so rigid that she couldn't deal with ANYTHING out of the ordinary, and would have severe problems of following Obi in a straight line, yet not be able to recognize she was hitting a wall, because she could still 'see' him.

Jar Jar, as I recall, CAN be killed, but it takes a while. Why we made him so tough, I have no idea.

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