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Originally posted by Boba Rhett:
This is kind of off topic but oh well. What do I need to do/learn in order to work for a gaming company such as Big Ape, Lucasarts,etc.?

P.S. Does it require selling my soul?
Depends on what you want to do. If you want to build models, go get a copy of Hash and go nuts with it. I believe it's at and costs maybe 200 bucks. It will give you some insight as to how to build characters and models in 3D.

Character animation is a specialized field, and I basically lucked into this job, because I have no 'official' character animation training, and it shows. I am wishing right now that I had taken some time to become more proficient with my character animation, because it's not up to par with some of the studs coming out of animation school. If you can draw, start playing around with flip-book animation. It's all about timing. Here, check this out:

This is someone who REALLY knows animation timing and control. Whoever put this together could get a job ANYWHERE for animation, because they understand moves and timing. Tools can be taught, but having clear-cut understanding of character timing is REALLY, IMPOSSIBLY valuable. Quite simply, I'm probably going to have to focus more on model-building and rigging for this next project than doing any animation, simply because my animation skills aren't up to par.

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