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Well, I believe you may have stumped the panel on that one.

Brenando is after our graphics programmer, Brennan, and it was one of his goofy tests. Usually, when we changed code of some kind, the programmers would put in a cheat that toggled between the 'old code' (which conveniently answers your other question) and the 'new code' so they could check memory allocation, framerate etc. Some of them apparently never got taken out. Like, the '60fps' code alters the speed of the rendering engine to go up to 60fps if it can do so - otherwise the game caps out at 30fps for stability's sake.

So specifically, I am not sure what they did, but the 'brenando' had something to do with a toggle between 2 types of graphics code, and 'oldcode' I believe had something to do with 2 types of object collision. I'll see if I can dig anything up.
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