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Hello, Zanzibar! First of all, both my girlfriend and I LOVE The Phantom Menace! We think it's a great game and, unlike Jedi Power Battles (which I also like), she can actually play it. Yes, there are some glitches, but it's otherwise great, so not only do I think you should make an Espisode 2 version, I think you should also make Phantom Menace-style games for Episodes 4-6.

There is one thing I don't understand. What is the basis for the scoring system? Is it purely speed, or is the quality of game play a factor? For example, I can get through some levels even though I've killed some non-combatants. Will this affect my score?

Does giving the water flask to the injured soldier in Escape from Theed do anything for me?

Does collecting and keeping as many items as possible in Mos Espa help me? Does stealing items from the Jawas hurt me? I usually try to collect everything, but I don't know if it's necessary? What I have noticed is that I've gotten the Jedi Master rating when my time was somewhat poorer than other times when I received lesser ratings. That's why I'm guessing that the quality of game play must be a factor?

But speaking of time, how good does your time have to be to get Jedi Master rating? Also, how is time calculated?

On an unrelated topic, there's a room on the same street that Watto's shop is on (Orange Street?) that has five flash grendades on a bed. It's extremely difficult to jump on this bed. Sometimes I do an sometimes I don't. I haven't found any pattern. Is there a secret or is this just a glitch? I've also found that it's very hard to talk to Matt Rags. Sometimes he'll talk and sometimes he won't. The best I've found I can do is to walk up to him, approaching him on his left side, and his "o" as soon as I'm in range.

I'm sorry that I'm asking so many questions, but I really think this is a great game and I just discovered this forum.

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