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Originally posted by Jedi SuperBuen:

What other games have you worked on?

Are there any other good Big Ape games I should buy?

Any games that use/look like TPM from BA that I should get?

(And one from Dave Maul
Is Big Ape doing anything yet for Xbox?

I did some spec work for some of the graphics for Herc's Adventures, a Playstation 1 scrolling cartoony adventure/action game published by Lucasarts. Virtually nothing I worked on even made it into the final version; the 3d stuff I rendered out looked out-of-place compared to the hand-drawn look. I wound up doing some sprite textures for some of the powerups.

Herc's Adventures is, coincidentally, another good Big Ape game. Lots and lots of humor, lots of quick action with LOTS of world exploration. Another fun game that Big Ape did was Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES, and also Metal Warriors. All of these games are sprite-based shooters, maybe a bit like the old SNES Zelda games.

There aren't any Big Ape games using the TPM engine apart from TPM and to a MUCH lesser extent, Simpsons Wrestling. We only used the TPM tools because, well, they were usable, and Fox Interactive wanted Simpsons Wrestling out ASAP...which, NOT so coincidentally, is why the Simpsons game is lacking in so many areas. Funny, if you think about it, the BEST thing about TPM was the huge levels to explore and interesting world backgrounds, while the worst things were the character control, collision problems and stiff animation. So what contract do we wind up getting? A game that has NO worlds to explore (everything takes place in a ring), and RELIES on solid character collision and fluid animation (as all fighting games do). Go figure. As a result of the short development cycle, we didn't have a lot of time to rebuild the TPM code, so those same problems went lock, stock and barrel into Simpsons Wrestling.

As for the Xbox, we have a few ideas for games that I can't share, but rest assured that everyone who is anyone in the games industry is at least getting the Xbox specs and programming tools in-house for review.
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