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Mace Koon
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Thanks for the replies, Zanzibar!

I've been reading the posts on here and I noticed that several people were discussing how to beat Darth Maul. I found that to be one of the easiest things to do in the whole game (PlayStation).

All I did was stand behind the last energy door, position Maul in my line of fire, and let him have it! Although I found the proton torpedoes to be the best weapon for this (and definitely the best opening salvo), the light repeating blaster works great too. Depanding on how effectively Maul blocks, I found that I could kill him in 200-400 shots, but I never had less than 1200-1500 shots. Another trick I found was to run past the battle tank on level 4 because it saves about 15 proton torpedoes (the number needed to destroy the tank - or it could be 13?) that I can use against Maul. This strategy works perfectly and Maul will never attack so long as you DO NOT CROSS the final energy door!

An unrelated question: I found it difficult to talk to Matt Rags. It seems easier if I walk towards his left side while repeatedly hitting "o." Is this another glitch or is there a special trick?

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